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Silica Spotlight

NeSilex was first introduced to the market one year ago at the World of Asphalt Show and Conference in Houston, Texas. A year later, there is a notable shift in the urgency among attendees who are taking a much more proactive approach to dust control. Chemtek exhibited both PavePro and NeSilex at the 2019 World of Asphalt in Indianapolis just last week, and silica safety was an issue in the forefront of the conference. The OSHA regulations have been in full effect for over a year and are clearly being enforced. In the first 6 months of the new regulations OSHA issued 118 fines related to silica and dust control. This has contributed to the sense of urgency many companies are feeling to get a handle on the silica situation on their job sites. As the industry becomes more educated on the seriousness of silica dust, NeSilex has stood out as the simplest, most effective solution for dust control.

Continuing to educate the industry on the hazards of silica dust is vital. Chemtek CEO David Rigsbee took the opportunity to do just that at one of the Rock’n’Road talks on the show floor. Check out the link to the video below to view the entire presentation.


Still Stuck on Diesel…

In the asphalt paving industry, diesel fuel was the industry standard for many years as the asphalt cleaner of choice. Although it has now been outlawed by the EPA for many years now, every year at the World of Asphalt we meet way too many paving crews still stuck on diesel. However, we always enjoy showing the attendees how much easier (and safer) their job could be by switching to PavePro. Designed to replace the use of diesel fuel, PavePro is truly a “secret sauce” when it comes to cleaning asphalt off tools and equipment.  Of course, in addition to converting paving crews to PavePro, we always enjoy seeing our current customers at the show!

See the noticeable difference between the shovel without PavePro (left) and treated with PavePro (right).