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This year’s Public Works Expo was held in Kansas City, MO, the national headquarters of the American Public Works Association. The show was a unique opportunity for Chemtek to introduce our newest product, NeSilex, to public works professionals in an immediate and engaging way. Chemtek has a unique business approach in that we develop new solutions for specific problems in both the road construction and runway maintenance industries. The ability to speak with and learn from hundreds of professionals, from construction workers to safety managers to engineers, is an invaluable opportunity to stay on top of the issues and trends affecting our current and potential customers. We enjoyed networking with cities, counties, and businesses from around the country. Chemtek exhibited both PavePro, which has been a flagship and continually growing product, as well as the new NeSilex.

Every year at the PWX there is a new product showcase to display the newest technologies being exhibited. This year NeSilex was featured as a new product.  Chemtek CEO David Rigsbee gave a thorough presentation to attendees and fellow exhibitors. The presentation began with visualizing the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of silica dust on a construction site according to OSHA’s most current regulations. If you imagine standing on a 13 ft ladder in the middle of a football field and releasing one packet of Sweet’ N Low into the wind, that amount of material spread over that space (160 ft wide x 360 ft long x 13 ft high) would result in overexposure of silica dust to everyone in the area. This is why it is essential to implement silica dust safety controls on your construction site immediately. David continued the presentation with education on how silica enters the lungs and why it is so harmful. He also broke down the OSHA regulations, potential fines for non-compliance, and finally how NeSilex can solve the silica dust problem creating a safe work space and OSHA compliance.

See the video below to see part of the new product presentation from PWX. Visit nosilicadust.com or call 888-998-1557 to learn how NeSilex can help control dust on your construction site.

Other new products featured included the DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station, UTX Scissor Lift, and the Thump Pad. For a look back at last year’s innovative products, read Innovative Products from PWX 2017.

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