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Unlike traditional sealcoat, Paverx is both a rejuvenator and penetrating sealer. This means it will seal and repair asphalt on a molecular level and is proven to increase the life of asphalt by many years. It conforms to ASTM Specifications, meets requirements of highway and roads departments, and meets the strict FAA requirements.

Halts Aging

The revitalizing and restorative effects of Paverx have been proven to last many years slowing the rate of future asphalt aging and resulting in considerable cost savings over time.

Restores Flexibility

Paverx’s twice refined rejuvenating oils stop the oxidation process and changes the molecular composition of the binder to reduce asphalt viscosity and stop top-down cracking

Stops Surface Cracking

By rejuvenating and softening hard, brittle binder, Paverx stops surface cracking and heals small hairline cracks. It seals out water to reduce potential for future damage.

Prevents Fuel Damage

Paverx resists and seals asphalt against future fuel damage to diesel, gasoline and Mil-5606.

Beautifies Asphalt

Paverx restores the rich dark black color for a beautiful asphalt surface.

Zero PAH Migration

Paverx’s proven site lock technology prevents PAH migration.

Powered By Science

Rescue Your Pavement

Paverx is both a rejuvenator and penetrating sealer. It repairs underlying asphalt on a molecular level extending the life of your asphalt.

30 Years of Testing

Paverx boasts over 30 years of independent laboratory testing, field tests, and case studies confirming its effectiveness!

The Paverx Guarantee

Paverx is guaranteed not to chip, crack, flake, pit, or peel for 5 years when applied by a certified applicator.


Paverx is formulated with breakthrough technology using state-of-the-art Gas Chromatography and Infrared Spectrometry. It utilizes the best match of closed ring compounds that ignite the rejuvenation process. Unlike competitors who use creosote, Paverx uses hyper-cracked fractions of coal tar oils to restore, renew, beautify, and protect the asphalt.