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Why Use PavePro?

PavePro is effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use. It works better than diesel fuel at removing asphalt from equipment and stays on longer than competing citrus products to prevent asphalt build up. PavePro meets or exceeds all EPA and RCRA regulations. It requires no mixing; you can spray or dip your tools without generating any hazardous waste.



  • Environmentally Safe Solvent – Avoid fines and maintain EPA & RCRA compliance
  • Non-Flammable – High flash-point makes PavePro safer for employees to use
  • Powerful Solvent – Saves time by breaking down hardened asphalt for easy removal
  • Slow Evaporation Rate – Stays on tools and truck beds longer requiring less re-application
  • Emulsifiable – Can be rinsed and “de-activated” with water allowing easy clean-up
  • Non HAZMAT – Safer and less expensive to ship