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Asphalt paving contractors have long relied on diesel fuel as their asphalt release agent and asphalt remover, known for its affordability and effectiveness. However, an evolving landscape prioritizing safety, environmental responsibility, and enhanced performance prompted institutions like Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to explore alternatives. In a thorough examination of asphalt release agents and cleaners, one product shone brightly: PavePro.

You can read about the full study here.

Exploring Best Practices for Tool and Equipment Cleaning

Purdue University and INDOT collaborated to conduct a sweeping study. They reached out to DOTs nationwide, aiming to understand real-world practices, resulting in comprehensive product lists and three essential evaluation criteria: cost, safety, and environmental impact.

Behind The Study

The University-initiated survey collected insights from DOTs, forming the basis for product lists and evaluation benchmarks. Economic viability, safety measures, and ecological impact were identified as critical criteria. The study’s goal was to identify products that excelled in all these aspects.

Key Findings

In a field featuring 22 asphalt cleaners from 20 manufacturers, PavePro proved exceptional. Here’s a closer look at the outcomes:

Criterion #1: Cost

Despite diesel fuel’s renowned cost-effectiveness, PavePro emerged as the third most economical option among all tested asphalt cleaners. A compelling choice that blends performance with economic efficiency.

Criterion #2: Safety

The pivotal safety criterion hinged on the flash point, a critical factor in determining evaporation. PavePro soared above competitors, boasting a flash point exceeding 400°F—significantly beyond the industry norm. This ensures not only safety but sustained effectiveness, crucial when dealing with the high temperatures of hot mix asphalt.

Criterion #3: Environmental Impact

Every product, including PavePro, demonstrated environmental friendliness, earning perfect scores. PavePro seamlessly aligns with contemporary sustainability practices required, now, by all state DOTs.

But Above All Else: It Works The Best

With a higher KB value than any other cleaner on the market, PavePro can penetrate deep into hardened asphalt and melt away the build-up better than diesel and citrus. Not to mention, PavePro is more than just an asphalt remover; it’s a release agent too. Because of its high flash point, PavePro can PREVENT build-up for multiple loads longer than diesel fuel.

PavePro Is Your Winner

The conclusive results left no room for doubt. PavePro emerged victorious with an impressive final score of 96.84, surpassing every other tested product. No competitor even neared a total score of 80, highlighting PavePro’s exceptional efficacy and value for money.

In the realm of asphalt solvents and removers, PavePro asserts itself as the leader. With unparalleled safety, outstanding cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness, PavePro stands as the optimal choice. It’s not just a product; it’s a solution that redefines industry standards. If you’re ready to transition from diesel fuel or seeking a superior asphalt removal solution, PavePro beckons as the unequivocal answer.

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