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NeSilex is formulated specifically for the construction industry to reduce worker exposure to crystalline silica dust. It allows employers to maintain OSHA compliance and goes beyond the minimal guidelines to ensure a safer work environment. NeSilex can be used in various construction activities including milling, sweeping, crushing, and mining.

Improves Worker Safety

Testing shows up to a 100% reduction in deadly respirable silica levels.

Targeted Formula

Specifically formulated suppressant designed for respirable and visual dust.

Exceeds OSHA Standards

Allows for exemption from exposure testing in many construction activities.

Effective @ High Dilution

Effective at controlling visual and respirable dust reduction at high dilution ratio.

Saves Time & Water

Reduces the amount of water needed for effective dust control.

Preserves Milling Bits

Decreases surface tension of water allowing for wetter, cooler, more lubricated bits.

Protect Your People

Compliance is just the start...

Worker exposure to crystalline silica dust has been proven to cause silicosis and many other health problems. It is important to look beyond regulations and prioritize the safety of your employees.

...and PPE isn't enough.

NeSilex has been tested in real-world applications and has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of airborne crystalline silica dust at high dilution ratios.


NeSilex is featured as a Top-30 Editor’s Choice for products in Asphalt Contractor Magazine. It is suggested for use in multiple editorials and featured in other publications such as Asphalt Pro and Asphalt Paving Equipment Magazine.