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Why Use NeSilex?

NeSilex is formulated specifically for the construction industry to reduce worker exposure to crystalline silica dust. It allows employers to maintain OSHA compliance and goes beyond the minimal guidelines to ensure a safer work environment. NeSilex can be used in various construction activities including milling, sweeping, crushing, and mining.

Benefits of NeSilex

  • Improves Work Safety – Testing shows up to 100% reduction in silica levels
  • Target Forumla – Specifically formulated, concentrated suppressant designed for crystalline silica dust control
  • Meets OSHA Standards – Allows for exemption from exposure testing in many construction activities
  • Effective at High Dilution Rate – Visual and respirable dust reduction at high dilution ratio
  • Saves Time & Water – Reduces the amount of water needed for effective dust control
  • Preserves Milling Bits –Decreases surface tension of water allowing for wetter, cooler, more lubricated bits