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Hi everyone! My name is Meagan Johnson and I started working at Chemtek this past week. A little bit about myself… I grew up in Raleigh after moving with my family from Connecticut when I was just two years old, so this area is definitely home. I had the pleasure of attending UNC Wilmington for college, where I majored in Marketing Strategy and Finance. While at UNCW, I competed on the varsity swimming and diving team, serving as a captain for two years. After my swimming career wrapped up in late February, I adopted a dog named Jaxon. He’s a boxer mix (although I don’t think he looks very much like a boxer).

Now that you all know a little about me, I want to discuss why I chose to join the Chemtek family. For starters, I knew that the company was growing rapidly and the idea of being able to contribute to and expand that reach was very exciting to me. Additionally, just looking at the website, specifically the video showcasing the employees as well as their bios gave me that “family feel.” It was actually similar to how I felt during my recruiting trip to UNCW. After I was interviewed, my feelings were confirmed. Lastly, I wanted my first job out of college to be one that would not only challenge me, but also provide me with the opportunity to grow and learn as a marketer. I wanted to be able to apply the same commitment and drive I had towards swimming to my career. Obviously, I did not know too much about asphalt and aviation maintenance solutions, but I wanted to challenge myself and hopefully contribute value to a growing company.

My first week at the office has been very productive, but in a relaxed environment. I have spent a lot of my time educating myself on the various products and services offered, as well as the asphalt, aviation, and construction industries. This includes understanding some of the rules and regulations in place, as well as industry best practices. I have also worked on developing a plan as far as marketing new content consistently, following industry best practice and expert advice. Much of this plan involves strategizing search engine optimization (SEO) and how to improve our own. Additionally, plenty of brainstorming surrounding upcoming content being delivered has occurred- so stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed!

Besides the work that has been completed, there has been plenty of fun involved as well. My department took me out for lunch my first day to Page Road Grill. If you haven’t eaten there I highly recommend. Additionally, almost the whole staff eats lunch together in the kitchen. This is a great way to get to know each other better on a personal level and just unwind after grinding for multiple hours. On Tuesday we celebrated DeAnna’s birthday and enjoyed a delicious cheesecake. All birthdays are celebrated in the office, with the birthday employee getting to choose cake or beer to celebrate with.

Overall, I am very happy with how my first week has gone. Chemtek works to maintain an amazing corporate culture. Everyone was extremely welcoming and genuinely cared about getting to know me. While working hard every day is a given, everyone finds time for balance by allowing a little “play” as well. This first week has been very rewarding and I’m excited for what the future holds here at Chemtek.

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