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Fall Fun Day!

Last week, the Chemtek team took a break from the usual workday routine to have a fun and competitive afternoon. This “Fall Fun Day” began with a catered lunch for everyone and was followed by a “scavenger hunt.”

We broke into teams of four, each with a driver and team captain. We used the GooseChase App for the scavenger hunt which had a list of tasks for each team to complete. Each task was worth a certain number of points, and photo/video evidence had to be submitted through the app for each task to count. Teams had two hours to complete as many tasks as possible before meeting up at the local bar by our office to crown the winner. We watched all the videos submitted together – it’s always entertaining to watch your coworkers dye their hair, jump in a pond and get a piggyback ride from a stranger!

The champions’ trophy is now sitting on display in our café! It was a great afternoon for team building and fun. We are looking forward to another day of fun next quarter!