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Although typically shorter and often overlooked, Section 13 is a crucial section in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to ensure proper disposal practices, recycling or reclamation of the chemical or its container occur, and safe handling practices take place. 

It is important to ensure that local, regional, national, and international regulations are followed when properly disposing of chemicals. Section 13 offers recommendations as to how to dispose of waste. Information in this section may include:

  • Description of appropriate disposal containers to use
  • Recommendations of appropriate disposal methods to employ
  • Description of the physical and chemical properties that may affect disposal activities
  • Language discouraging sewage disposal
  • Any special precautions for landfills of incineration activities

Additional information is also included in Section 13. This part of the section typically contains information regarding disposal considerations in relation to other sections of the SDS like ecological information, handling and storage, and fire-fighting measures. Additionally, to minimize exposure, this section specifically refers the reader to Section 8 of the SDS which contains information on exposure controls and personal protection. 

Section 13 is not mandatory under the revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard but is required under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), helping standardize health and safety information on labels and safety data sheets.

Section 13 is an important section to pay close attention to when reading an SDS. Following the information in this section will ensure safe, appropriate disposal and handling practices.

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