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The middle sections of the SDS explain the actual chemistry of the substance. Section 9 of the SDS covered the physical and chemical properties of the substance. Section 10 dives into how stable the chemical actually is, as well as any possible reactivity hazards that are present.

Section 10 of the SDS must explicitly state if the chemical is stable or unstable under normal conditions, both while in storage and being handled. If the chemical is unstable, any stabilizers needed to maintain stability should also be listed. If the chemical exhibits any changes in physical appearance, potential safety issues that may arise as a result should be listed as well.

In regards to the reactivity of the chemical, all specific test data for the chemical should be stated and described. If the chemical falls under a certain class or family where the test can be generalized for the entire family, the data suffices.

A statement indicating if the chemical will react or polymerize is required. All conditions that may cause the chemical to become hazardous should also be listed. Examples of these include static discharge, vibrations, or environmental surroundings. Additionally, all incompatible materials to the chemical need to be listed in this section. Mixing of the incompatible material and chemical may generate a hazardous product. Even if there are no known conditions or materials that could cause a reaction, this must be explicitly stated.

Any known hazardous decomposition products that may be produced from use, storage, or heating also need to be listed in Section 10. If the hazardous product is a fire, this must be listed in Section 5 of the SDS as well.

Although Section 10 involves several aspects of chemistry and may be challenging to comprehend, it is very important to understand the true hazards present with the chemical at hand.

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