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We’ve already introduced the importance SDSs; the remainder of this series will demystify each section.

The first section of an SDS covers the Chemical Product and Company Identification. In this section, the chemical being transported is established. While it seems obvious, this is pertinent information that needs to be checked upon delivery. Identifying the product is what was ordered, as well as matching the chemical name from the SDS to the product label is always an important first step.

Essential contact information can also be found in this section, including address, phone number, and emergency phone number of the company sourcing the product. If users have any questions or concerns, they should use the contact information provided in Section 1 of the SDS. This information can also be used for reordering after use of the product is complete.

Section 1 also includes basic information surrounding recommended uses of the chemical, as well as any recommended situations in which the chemical should not be used. Advised dilution ratios can also be found here as well as basic application instructions.

Section 1 is truly essential to understanding the basics of the chemical being used by workers. It is the foundation of the SDS, with all of the other sections building off of it.

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