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These past few months have been a blast here at Chemtek filled with exciting innovations, meeting new friends on the road at tradeshows like the World of Asphalt and Snow Symposium, promoting our amazing employees, and hiring new team members to join our Chemtek family.


PavePro Mobile App Promotion Video

Chemtek is known around the globe for paving the way in our respective industries (pun intended). Our company was founded in 1976 and, since then, has created industry-specific paradigm shifts in the way roads are constructed, runways are cleaned, and workers are kept safe during construction activities.

Over the last year, our team at PavePro has been creating a one-of-a-kind app to complement its asphalt release agent and solvent. Soon, the team will release the app, allowing customers to order asphalt solvents, asphalt release agents, and paving accessories, as well as get on-the-go help, watch paving self-help videos, and calculate required tonnage for paving projects.

If this sounds of any interest to you, feel free to visit pavepro.com/app to learn more.


If you ask a sales representative or staff member here at Chemtek what one of their favorite parts of their job is, they’ll probably go on and on about how much they love tradeshows. Meeting our customers and new customers is a highlight of our job.

This past March, our team traveled to the World of Asphalt Show & Conference in Nashville, Tennesse. They had the opportunity to meet many of you, share about our amazing PavePro product, give away merchandise, and more!

The PavePro Booth at the World of Asphalt Show & Conference in Nashville, TN

We also took the Avion50 team up to the 2022 BEC/AAAE International Aviation Snow Symposium in Buffalo, New York at the end of April and early May to show off our solution to runway rubber removal to prevent unwanted rubber buildup, runway surface destruction, or environmental pollution. That’s right. Avion50 prevents all three; that’s exactly what we showed folks at the symposium.

Kendall Cook and Kat Murray sitting at our Avion50 booth at the Snow Symposium in Buffalo, NY.


Speaking of our team members enjoying themselves with our company–did we mention 2 of our amazing employees got promotions this month?

Kat Murray – Vice President of Sales Operations/Marketing Director

Kendall Cook – Vice President of Operations

New Hires

At Chemtek, we believe in creating perfect product solutions for specific industry challenges. Combining unique product solutions with premium sales support and excellent customer service is our mission–and without our amazing employees, we would not be able to provide superior products like our biodegradable asphalt solvent and release agent PavePro or our smart solution to rubber removal Avion50.

In our Chemtek office, we made two new hires:

Kim Oneykachi – Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk & Matthew Rigsbee – Digital Marketing Executive

Likewise, in our PavePro office, we made two new hires:

Destiny Clayton – PavePro Sales Team Administrator & Paul Laughton – PavePro Business Development Manager