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From September 9 – 12, Chemtek will be attending the Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies (SWIFT) Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chemtek has been attending and exhibiting at the SWIFT Conference for well over 20 years. The purpose of the conference is to bring together key members of the airport community and learn about innovations and solutions in airfield operations, especially on the runway. This year there will be 450 attendees checking out 75 exhibiting booths.

Avion, Chemtek’s flagship brand, will be featured at SWIFT. Avion50 NexGen is an environmentally safe, nondestructive detergent used to remove rubber buildup from airfield runways. This year, Chemtek will also be introducing NeSilex to the airport community. NeSilex is a silica dust suppressant that chemically changes water droplets to make them encapsulate silica dust particles, showing up to 100% dust reduction.

To aid in Canadian distribution, Chemtek has proudly partnered with Team Eagle, based out of Campbellford, Ontario, for over 20 years. Team Eagle supplies airfield equipment and software through partnerships with leading industry experts. Chemtek’s partnership with Team Eagle and involvement at the SWIFT Conference has led to wide-spread use of Avion products all over Canada, ensuring safer airport landing and take-off conditions.

Come visit Chemtek, featuring our Avion and NeSilex products, at Booth 59 next week! Ronnie Roach, Airport Asset Management Advisor, will be there. He can be reached at (919)724-1495.

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