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Beekeeping Buzz!

We’re buzzing over our bees! The Chemtek staff has recently taken up a new green initiative to continue its core values of environmental responsibility and sustainability. The pollinator project was inspired by Earth Day and began in the spring of 2017 with the goal of helping combat the widespread population decline of bees. Why are bees important to our environment? Bees are the primary pollinators of cultivated crops and are essential to global agriculture. Beekeeping has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past decade as more media attention has shed light on the plight of the bee population. The movement has even gained traction in urban areas!

Our Yanceyville campus is home to two beehives with two nucleus colonies and will soon have surrounding fruit trees and wildflowers. Our staff members take turns caring for and checking up on the bees. At this stage we are focused on growing the population of the hives and making sure they will survive their first winter. This involves careful tracking of the queens and monitoring the amount of honey present to prevent swarming. Our goal is to begin producing honey next year!

Not a bee expert? No problem! Bees are a fascinating species with a complex social structure. The three main types of adult bees – the queen, drones, workers – all have unique and important roles within the colony. There are many resources and online classes available on beekeeping for beginners for those looking to learn more.

The Caswell County Beekeepers Association has been a great resource for ensuring the success of our colonies. Chemtek will be a sponsor at Caswell County’s Brightleaf Hoedown in Yanceyville on September 16, 2017.

Bee on the lookout for more updates from our hives!

-Natalie Labonge, Marketing Team