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Why Use Avion50 NexGen? 

Avion50 NexGen pushes the envelope in runway rubber removal taking safety and effectiveness to the next level. Don’t damage your runways with high pressure water blasting or endanger your personnel with harmful chemicals. Use the smart solution and the safe choice in runway rubber removal.


  • Safe for Personnel – Does not contain hazardous or cancerous chemicals such as 2-Butoxy Ethanol
  • Safe for our Rivers & Streams – Does not contain Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE) or Nonylphenols which are dangerous to aquatic life
  • Safe for Equipment – Non-caustic and no harsh chemicals – will not damage equipment
  • Safe for Runway Pavements – Does not damage join seals or striping. Will not degrade the integrity of runway pavements.
  • Effective – Scientifically proven by photometric testing to be twice as effective in removing rubber as leading competitors