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In February Chemtek attended the American Rental Association national trade show in Orlando, Florida. The event featured more than 700 exhibitors that showcased equipment and solutions for the construction, industrial, and special event rental segments. The rental industry is a new venture for Chemtek, as we look to expand the accessibility of our products to new markets.

At Chemtek, we specialize in bringing safe and effective solutions to the construction industry. At the ARA Show we exhibited two of our products: PavePro and NeSilex.  PavePro is an environmentally friendly asphalt remover that cleans asphalt off paving tools and equipment. Having a cleaner is essential to paving operations, and PavePro is both the most effective cleaner and the safest for both employees and the environment.

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NeSilex is our newest solution to combat silica dust on construction sites. Specially formulated to keep silica dust on the ground and out of your lungs, NeSilex is simply added in a small amount to your existing water spray down system. See for yourself how NeSilex drastically boosts water’s ability to knock out dust.

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Next up on our trade show docket will be PWX in New Orleans, August 30 – September 2. Mark your calendar!