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Buildup of rubber from tires on airport runways is a major safety hazard as it decreases runway friction which could lead to airplane run-offs and overruns. There are several ways to remove the rubber buildup from airport runways; however, the most common methods are high-pressure water blasting or the use of chemical detergents. While high-pressure water blasting can cause significant degradation and damage to the runway surface, it is often used to avoid the perceived hazards of using a chemical solution. Let’s take a closer look at the potential hazards of chemical detergents and explore one option that is both effective and safe for the environment.

Almost all runway rubber removal detergents contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that cause a host of environmental concerns. Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) and nonylphenol ethoxylates endanger aquatic wildlife and become increasingly toxic as they degrade. Since they are not destroyed by public wastewater treatment plants, they are passed straight to rivers and streams, poisoning fish and other aquatic wildlife. APE’s are known endocrine disrupters meaning they can affect the hormonal systems in aquatic wildlife. Bioaccumulation in the fish becomes especially hazardous for humans who consume poisoned fish. APEs in the human body cause reproductive and developmental defects.

Airports are rightfully concerned about the use of chemicals containing APEs for runway rubber removal. As a result, many have turned to using high-pressure water blasting as their preferred runway cleaning method; however, a better option exists. Avion50 NexGen is an environmentally safe runway rubber removal detergent. Avion50 NexGen is comprised of 100% EPA Cleangredients and contains no APEs or other environmental hazards. Avion50 NexGen is the best of both worlds; it prevents degradation caused by high-pressure water blasting while also being an environmentally safe and effective cleaner.

Chemtek places environmental responsibility and sustainability at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities. Avion50 NexGen is just one of our products that fulfills and exceeds our duty in the chemical solutions and manufacturing industry.

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