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The month of June is National Safety Month, and safety is extremely important to Chemtek because we pride ourselves on providing safe chemical solutions to help our customers in the construction and aviation maintenance industries. Three of our core products boast superior safety in the field – keep reading to find out how!


PavePro – Allowing Paving Crews to Work Smarter – Not Harder


PavePro is an effective, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use asphalt solvent. It works better than diesel fuel at removing asphalt from equipment and stays on longer than competing citrus products to prevent asphalt build-up. Providing PavePro to your crew reduces the amount of unproductive time they would have to spend cleaning and re-cleaning their tools. This in turn helps minimize worker fatigue and reduces fatigue-related accidents on site.

PavePro exceeds all EPA and RCRA regulations.

Additionally, PavePro is an extremely safe chemical for multiple reasons. Because it has a high flashpoint, PavePro is essentially non-flammable. Other alternatives such as Diesel fuel and citrus products are much more dangerous for workers with low flashpoints. PavePro also exceeds all EPA and RCRA regulations, meaning it is safe both for workers AND the environment!


NeSilex – Protecting Workers From Harmful Silica Dust


NeSilex is a concentrated solution added to water tanks and dust suppression systems to help remove respirable crystalline silica dust from the air. The product is highly effective and used at a high dilution ratio.

Simply complying with OSHA standards isn’t enough to protect workers. NeSilex protects your most essential assets from inhaling respirable crystalline silica dust. Workers who inhale these respirable particles are at an increased risk of developing silica-related diseases like silicosis, lung cancer, COPD, and kidney disease. Using NeSilex ensures that you are taking a proactive step to keep your workers safe on the job.


Avion – Improving Landing Safety for Aircraft


Avion is an easy-to-use, safe, and effective runway rubber removal solution. For the past 35 years, it has been made the top choice for rubber removal in the aviation industry.

Build-up on airport runways is recognized by the FAA as a major safety hazard. This build-up–consisting of rubber, jet exhaust, hydraulic oil, and dirt–reduces the friction qualities of the runway. A lack of surface friction negatively affects the breaking of aircraft on a wet runway. Avion50 has been consistently proven to increase runway friction, protecting aircraft, and those inside.  Safe landings are made possible with Avion.