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  1. Our Customers – Chemtek exists for and because of our loyal customers. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with each and every user of our products and services. Over the years, many customers have become like family. We truly appreciate the opportunity to provide valuable solutions that optimize operations, save time and money, and improve worker safety and environmental impact. Whether it’s effectively removing rubber from an airport runway, reducing hazardous silica dust at a construction site, or allowing for easy clean-up following a long day of asphalt paving, we are grateful for the opportunity to help our customers any way we can. Thank you to all our customers for choosing Chemtek.
  2. Our Employees – In the words of our CEO David Rigsbee, “At Chemtek, our employees are our most important assets.” From accounting to sales, manufacturing to runway construction, and marketing to R&D, couldn’t function without our awesome team members. We embrace a “work hard, play hard” mentality and we do our best to make Chemtek a place people WANT to come to work. We truly strive to make Chemtek a fun and rewarding workplace, while cultivating an environment in which people are hungry to grow and succeed.
  3. Our Location – Chemtek’s headquarters are located right in the heart of RTP, providing a hub of new opportunities and technologies. Being surrounded by innovative companies trying to make the world a better place is inspiring and motivating. RTP is the largest research park in the world. Being in this setting truly energizes and excites our employees to contribute to constant innovation, making the future happen NOW.
  4. Our Vendors – In the specialty chemical world, small variances in raw materials can have a catastrophic impact on finished goods. We rely on our vendors to provide quality ingredients in a timely manner. The relationships we’ve created with vendors allow us to have confidence in the unique solutions we create at our manufacturing plant.
  5. Advancements in Health & Safety Regulations – For over 40 years, Chemtek has focused on developing specialty chemical solutions that reduce environmental hazards and improve worker safety. Regardless of regulations, our solutions improve operational efficiency, environmental impact, and safety. Over the years, new and improved safety and environmental laws have expedited the adoption of safer workplace practices. The FAA now requires regular friction testing at airports nationwide to ensure safer runways. The EPA has outlawed the use of diesel fuel for use as and asphalt remover. OSHA has instituted strict guidelines to reduce respirable silica dust at construction sites. These regulations have expedited the adoption of many of our specialty chemical solutions worldwide allowing us to have a hand in preserving the environment and saving lives. Now that’s a rewarding feeling!

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!