At Chemtek, we are committed creating products that do not harm our natural resources. Since many of our products come in contact with our natural resources, our first priority is to ensure that our products are safe for the environment. A number or ways we support a sustainable product design is by using waste products in our production process, we reduce water pollution, and exceed standards required by the EPA.

Eliminating Waste Refuse – We use waste products created by the fastfood industry in the production of products such as PavePro, reducing the amount of waste sent to land fields.

Reducing Water Pollution – Our products are designed to not pollute our natural resources. Many paving companies have used diesel fuel to clean their paving equipment resulting in the pollution of our water systems. The EPA has since restricted the use of diesel fuel but many companies still use it. We created a biodegradable alternative that cleans just like diesel, except its legal. PavePro has changed the way the paving industry cleans their equipment, setting a new standard for the industry.

Exceed EPA Requirements – We dont just meet requirements, we set new industry standards. When creating products such as Avion 50, we ensured that it met the stringent requirements of the California Aquatic Toxicity Test ensuring that any runoff is proven to be non-toxic. To learn more about the California Aquatic Toxicity Test, click the link below or download the PDF.

Human Sustainability

At Chemtek, we not only want to make sure our chemicals are safe for the environment, but also safe for the individuals using them. We use external testing companies to test our products to ensure the safety of those who use our products everyday.


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