Roads and Pavements

Chemtek has become the expert in developing new and innovative products for the roads and pavements industry. PavePro®, our flagship product, was patented in 1995 and has opened the door for other new and innovative products. We are continuing to add new products to our roads and pavements line.

Featured Products

 PavePro® – Patented Non-Hazardous and Biodegradable Asphalt Solvent.
Just Like Diesel, Except Legal!

Aquaslip – Asphalt Truck Bed Release Agent. Biodegradable, concentrated, no degradation.

Cold Patch – All Weather, Long Lasting Pot Hole Filler and Patch.

Fortress – Salt/Sand Spreader Protectant to Prevent Rust and Corrosion.

Form Release X-101 – Biodegradable Concrete Form Release.

KillzIt – Salt/Chloride Neutralizer To Wash Away Salt Residue.

Terminator – Aerosol Residual Crawling Insecticide With Dursban.

Car Glo – Car and Truck Wash and Wax Concentrate.

Car and Truck Wash – Powdered Hi-Foam Detergent.

Fifty to One – Super Concentrated Aluminum Brightener.

Fleet Wash – Concentrated Power Wash.

Frost Free – Aerosol Windshield and Lock Deicer.

Powertrain – Heavy Duty Gear Oil (85w140).

Repel – Personal Insect Repellent with DEET.

Safe Steam – Concentrated All Surface Steam Cleaner.

StarFlite – Diesel Fuel Stabilizer/ Booster.

Thunderbolt – Aerosol Long Reach Instant-Kill Wasp and Hornet Spray.