Public Works & Utilities

Chemtek has been helping public works departments solve problems for almost 30 years. We have been involved with the American Public Works Association (APWA) for many years and have attended numerous APWA sponsored conferences. We have products and expertise in all areas of public works, including streets (see our extensive line in the Roads and Pavements section), sanitation, facility maintenance, parks and recreation, vehicle maintenance, and wastewater treatment. Our city and county customer list is very extensive. We have earned the respect and trust of public works departments throughout the country for over 30 years.

Featured Products

Big Boy Blox – 20 lb. Cherry Scented Sewer Deodorant Blocks.

Blue Magic – Car and Truck Wash Concentrate.

CBE 10 – Live Bacterial Sewer Plant Improver – Enzyme Suspension.

Chemtek 904-C – Hi-Powered Concentrated Cherry Sewer and Garbage Deodorant.

Citrisolv EMC – Enviro-safe Solvent Cleaner, Organic Degreaser.

Citron LSC-Cherry –Floating/Emulsifiable Organic Lift Station Degreaser and Deodorant.

 Citrosene – Biodegradable Citrus Odor Controller.

Foamtrol – Concentrated Silicone Sewage Foam Breaker.

Granular Deodorant – Long Lasting Deodorant and Absorbent – Cherry.

Halt – Dog Repellent Spray – Does Not Damage The Animal.

Red Hot – Exothermic Sewer Solvent and Maintainer.

Snow Patrol – Exothermic Ice/Snow Melting Flakes.