Since 1976 Chemtek has manufactured products specifically for facility and equipment maintenance. Whether you are responsible for the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles or a fleet of buildings we have products designed to help make your job easier. From specialty lubricants to deodorizers we specialize in helping you solve your maintenance problems. If you have a problem and do not see an apparent solution, let us help. We have invented many new products because a customer had a problem that we helped solve. That’s why we have a full time chemist on staff.

Featured Products

 Aerosolv – Aerosol Safety Solvent and Contact Cleaner.

Aerosyn – Long Life Synthetic Compressor Oil.

Aluminox – Acid Based Cooling Coil Renovator.

Champ – Non-Butyl Multipurpose Degreaser and Deodorizer.

Chemlube 911 – Aerosol Heavy Duty Spray Grease.

Chemlube HTL – High Temp E.P. Heavy Duty Grease, Grade 2.

Chemlube SRA – Aerosol Silicone Dry Lubricant, Food Grade.

Chemtek 100 – Multipurpose Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser.

Coil Brite – Continuous Cleaning Hygroscopic Coil Cleaner For Inside Coils.

Drivetrain 90 – Moly Fortified 90wt EP Gear Oil.

D’Solv Away – Concentrated Powder Concrete Floor Cleaner.

Excaliber – Aerosol White Lithium Spray Grease.

Grippex BK – Heavy Duty Epoxy Non-Skid Coating.

Hi Tach – Aerosol Belt Conditioner.

 Hot Shot – Fast Acting Virgin Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener.

Industroclean – Industrial Strength Degreaser.

Lariat – Aerosol Penetrating Chain, Cable & Wire Rope Lubricant.

MCP – Aerosol All Purpose Lubricant and Moister Displacer.

Novax – Aerosol Invisible Dry Teflon Lubricant.

Pentrate Plus – Aerosol Fast Acting Penetrating Oil with Teflon.

Petrox – Multigrade Fuel Oil Conditioner and Stabilizer.

Pine Plus – Heavy Duty Pine Cleaner.

Power Clean – Super Strength Butyl Degreaser.

Rescue – Concrete Oil Stain Remover Concentrate.

Rough Tough – Waterless Hand Cleaner with Pumice.

Solv D-105 – Circulating Parts Washer Solvent.

Stop It – Liquid Concentrated Odor Neutralizer.

Tough Job – Waterless Hand Cleaner, Paste.