Chemtek has pioneered many new solutions to airport pavement maintenance problems. Avion® 50 was the first environmentally friendly runway rubber removal detergent. Its development changed the way airports around the world restored runway friction through safe contaminant removal. Chemtek has shared these ideas and trained governments in more than thirty countries making air travel safer.

Featured Products

Avion® 50 – Improve Runway Friction. Concentrated rubber removal detergent. EPA Approved.

Paverx – Restore and Preserve Asphalt Pavements. Stop raveling and fuel spillage damage. Extend pavement’s useful life.

RPR 2000 – Rapid Pavement Repair for Asphalt or Concrete. All weather, all temperature, quick setting asphalt patch.

Rescue – Concrete Oil Stain Remover. Removes all traces of grease and oil
from gate areas. Returns concrete to its natural white appearance.

Sorbents – Sorbent Booms, Pads, and Granules for Instant Emergency Spill Control.

Birds Away – Gets Rid of Unwanted Birds. Visual and chemical deterrants.

SafeWay – Oil and Gasoline Spill Detergent. Safely removes petroleum spills.

Ice Melters – Concrete Safe Chloride Blend for Sidewalks and Streets. Liquid deicers for equipment.

Water Treatment – Biological Control of Glycol and Other Petroleum Waste in Ponds and Lagoons.

AMS (Airfield Maintenance Support)Chemtek AMS Division Provides Airfield Paint Removal, Striping, Runway Rubber Removal, and Other Pavement Maintenance Solutions.