About Us


Our Mission

We are Industrial Ecologist, focused on the impacts that industrial activities have on our environment. For more than three decades, we have placed Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities. We are committed to developing and continually improving practices, procedures, products, services and policies for sustainable and environmental design. Our goals to improve technology, design for the environment and educate our users help our clients work better, live safer and understand our complex biosphere.


Who we are

Founded in 1976, Chemtek has grown from a small one man distributor in North Carolina to a manufacturer, distributor and contractor with sales in more than thirty countries. Through our research, innovation and determination to make a difference, we have made air travel safer, found new uses for natural resources and patented new technology that makes the world a better place to live.


What we do

Chemtek was founded on the belief that to be successful, we had to help others to be successful and achieve their goals. Whether it was a sanitation truck driver or an Air Force general, we knew that if we listened to our customers, always did more than they asked and followed their lead, we would become the recognized leader in our field.
We listened...

Chemtek will be Closed 1/17/18 due to inclement weather. Learn More